Time to divide! How Cdr1 kinase promotes mitosis

Updated: Jan 16

by Hannah Opalko

Learn how yeast cells make sure they divide at the correct time in this video abstract for: "A mechanism for how Cdr1/Nim1 kinase promotes mitotic entry by inhibiting Wee1" by Hannah E. Opalko, Isha Nasa, Arminja N. Kettenbach, and James B. Moseley, a selected highlight article for the December issue of Molecular Biology of the Cell.

Written and drawn by Hannah Opalko, a graduate student in the Moseley lab.

Science Sketches & Molecular Biology of the Cell have partnered up to offer authors the opportunity to create video abstracts that will be featured on the same page as the full article. This video was filmed live at the 2019 ASCB/EMBO meeting to launch this new partnership.

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