Model organisms: Zebrafish

Updated: Jan 16

by Catherine Palmer, Bana Alamad, and Oscar Emilio Bueso Asfura

The scientific community has learned much about basic biology and human disease by studying model organisms like fruit flies, mice, and fish. This video focuses on what we are learning by studying Zebrafish.

This video was created by Catherine Palmer, Bana Alamad, and Oscar Emilio Bueso Asfura, undergraduate students at New York University Abu Dhabi, as part of an introductory biology course taught by Dr. Kristen Sadler Edepli (Associate Professor at NYU Abu Dhabi) and Mona Kalmouni (Associate Instructor at NYU Abu Dhabi). It is part of our "Student Sketches" series, featuring videos created by students in conjunction with university and high school courses.

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• Learn more about model organisms and Zebrafish in these resources from the National Institute of General Medical Sciences (NIGMS).

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