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Hanging in the balance: TRIM32 mutations alter protein levels in muscular dystrophy

Watch this 2-minute video abstract for a quick look into the publication: "Costameric integrin and sarcoglycan protein levels are altered in a Drosophila model for Limb-girdle muscular dystrophy type 2H" by Simranjot Bawa, Samantha Gameros, Kenny Baumann, David S. Brooks, Joseph A. Kollhoff, Michal Zolkiewski, Andrea David Re Cecconi, Nicolò Panini, Massimo Russo, Rosanna Piccirillo, David K. Johnson, Maithri M. Kashipathy, Kevin P. Battaile, Scott Lovell, Samuel E.A. Bouyain, Jessica Kawakami, and Erika R. Geisbrecht, from the February 1 issue of Molecular Biology of the Cell. Read the full article here.

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