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Heart-on-a-chip: a new device for biomedical applications?

Heart diseases are one the leading causes of mortality in the world. Therefore, understanding heart diseases and developing new therapeutic techniques has become a major challenge for medicine. In this aim, a new method for modeling and studying cardiac tissues in vitro has emerged: the design of a heart-on-a-chip, a biomimetic system that can reproduce the microenvironment of the heart. This video describes the overall structure of the heart-on-a-chip device and presents its potential applications in diseases modeling and drug screening. Watch Sara Medoukali’s video to learn more.

Sara Medoukali is a student in the Cell Physics Master at the University of Strasbourg, France.

Find some original scientific papers used to produce this video below:

Organ-on-a-chip: recent breakthroughs and future prospects

Fabrication and Biomedical Applications of Heart-on-a-chip

Engineered heart tissues and induced pluripotent stem cells: Macro- and microstructures for disease modeling, drug screening, and translational studies

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