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Measuring mechanical properties of tumor cells to fight cancer

by Gaëtan Jardiné

In the era of personalized medicine, scientists are searching for markers that predict how aggressive a tumor will be or how it will respond to various treatments in order to adapt our strategy to fight cancer. Since tumors results from DNA defects, many of our current markers are genetic and biochemical. But to grow and invade other tissues, tumors must change their mechanical properties. Thus, it’s possible to deduce tumor behavior by measuring stiffness of cells, for instance. These new markers could improve diagnosis and prognosis of patients with cancer.

This video was created by Gaëtan Jardiné, a student in the Cell Physics Master at the University of Strasbourg, France.

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The main results discussed in this video are from the following paper: Han, Y.L., Pegoraro, A.F., Li, H. et al, Cell swelling, softening and invasion in a three-dimensional breast cancer model, Nat. Phys.16, 101 (2020)

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