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Unravelling p53 dynamics: the impact of Wip1

Given its pivotal role in crucial processes such as DNA repair, cell cycle, apoptosis, and senescence, the study of p53 and its regulatory proteins has gained immense importance. Referred to as the 'guardian of the genome', p53 establishes a negative feedback loop with Mdm2, a process further modulated by other proteins like Wip1 or ATM.

In this video, the protein Wip1 has been analysed based on the work of Batchelor et al. (2008,2011), Geva-Zatorsky et al. (2006), R. Yang et al. (2018), J. Xie et al. (2022). Wip1 is characterized for dephosphorylating p53 and other proteins that regulate p53.

Rodrigo Morena is a student pursuing a Master's in Cell Physics at the University of Strasbourg, France.

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