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Winners of the PCSfN Science Sketch Competition

The Philadelphia Chapter of the Society for Neuroscience organized a competition for trainees to create science sketches that were shown and judged during Brain Awareness Week (March 15-21, 2021). We're delighted to announce the winners here as well! Be sure to check out all of their videos on the PCSfN website!

First prize went to Evie Ordonez Sanchez from Temple University for her video, "What is the HPA Axis?"

The runners up were:

  • Katy Andersen from Seattle University for her video, "Age-Related Changes in Manual Dexterity"

  • Katelyn Reeb from Drexel University College of Medicine for her video, "The mechanism of allosteric modulation of glutamate transporters."

Honorable mentions went to:

  • Sarah D'Angelo from Rutgers Camden for her video, "Why do so many newly discovered pain medications fail to reach approval for human use?"

  • Alyssa Kniffin from Temple University for her video, "CRF and the Septohippocampal Pathway"

  • Talia Oughourlian from University of California Los Angeles for her video, "Metabolic characterization of human glioma subtypes using simultaneous pH- and oxygen- sensitive amine CEST-SAGE_EPI”

  • Andre Toussaint from Temple University for his video, "“Multigenerational epigenetic inheritance of paternal morphine exposure”

Congratulations to everyone!

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